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 Subsidiary in West Indies


General Presentation:

A.I.I. is a Limited Liability Company with assets of 10,000 €uros founded by IOA Group in 2006.

A.I.I. benefits from an in-house skill-pool of multi-disciplined designers, experienced technicians and engineers in both steel and reinforced concrete structures. These multi-disciplinary skilled teams are therefore able to intervene at all stages of the project from designs in the office to onsite work.

One of the principal strengths of the IOA Group is being able to coordinate and manage everything from project studies to complex detailed designs, from periodical inspections to client assistance in drawing up work contracts, managing building operations to site management and production of end-of-job reports.

Areas of work:

  • Engineering structures (bridges over roads and railways, footbridges, movable bridges, marine and inland waterway structures, retaining walls, tunnels, protection against avalanches and rock falls…).
  • Hydraulic structures (water treatment plants, pumping stations, tanks…).
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Public buildings (railway stations, entertainment halls, sport stadiums, swimming pool complexes...).
  • Harbor facilities and equipment.
  • Mountain facilities and equipment.
  • Metal structures (signal equipment, pylons…).


Client Assistance

  • Technical assistance to the project owners during design and construction studies.
  • Inventory surveys and maintenance programs.
  • Client Assistance to draw up the main consulting engineer contracts and the organization of main consulting engineering tenders
  • External Control of steel structures.
  • Validation files for technical instructions.

Overall project management and technical assistance to the main consulting engineer

  • Main consulting engineer or technical assistance to the main consulting engineer for the whole assignments.
  • Draft studies, preliminary design studies and project studies.
  • Tender documents, client assistance to draw up work contracts.
  • Detailed designs (Anglo-Saxon method) and validation of the detailed designs.
  • Management of the organization of the work and building operations.
  • Client assistance production of end-of-job reports.

Appraisal, inspection and diagnosis of structures and works.

  • Checks at manufacture and erection of metal structures.
  • Measuring, testing and metrology of structures.
  • On-site non-destructive testing and investigations.
  • Repairing and restoration of current structure and works.

Design office

  • Optimising solutions and technical choices.
  • Detailed designs, method studies and load bearing capacity studies.
  • Scientific calculations (seism, dynamic, nonlinear…).
  • CAD with various specialist software packages (AUTOCAD, ADCOF, ADFER, CESIOM, XSTEEL).
  • - Assistance during construction phase.



Manager: Jean-Jacques FERRIER
Technical Manager: Jean-Claude QUINIOU

Head Office:

« Villa Molinar » 
Fond Boucher
97222 Case Pilote - La Martinique

Tel: +33 (0)6 82 65 78 22

E-mail: aii-laboratoire@orange.fr

Agency :

Pépinière d'Entreprises - 75 rue Ar Veret

Tél.: +33 (0) 2 98 92 43 42
Fax: +33 (0) 2 98 75 51 90

E-mail: ioabretagne@ioa.fr

A.I.I. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IOA Group and consequently benefits from the technical expertise, IT support and human resources available from the whole IOA Group.

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