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 The Group - History

IOA was registered with the Registrar of Companies in Haute-Savoie (South-East France) in October 1988 as a limited liability company with assets of 60,000 French francs.

At the beginning, IOA’s main activity centered on engineering structures specializing in steel constructions, however, as IOA’s development progressed, civil engineering studies increased to about 40% of their total activities.

In 1990, IOA’s partners set up a company named Lexiq ("Laboratoire Expertise Ingénierie Qualité", or in English, "Laboratory Expertise Engineering Quality") with assets of 250,000 French francs. This company specialized in the measurement and external control of steel structures.

The two companies, although legally separated, worked together and, through their dual expertise, broadened their activities in the field of measurement (acquisition center, laser measurements...) to include inspections and repairs of engineering structures.

To ease the management and reduce administration overheads, Lexiq Ltd and IOA Ltd merged in March 1993 and became IOA-Lexiq Ltd. The assets of this new entity were then 700,000 francs which increased to 1,000,000 French francs in 1996.

In 2000, IOA-Lexiq Ltd became a simplified joint stock company and was once more IOA Ltd with fully paid up shares of €200,000 increasing to €300,000 from 2004.

IOA Ltd is a fast expanding small to medium-sized company with three offices based respectively in Annecy (Head Office, South-East France), in Grenoble (South-East France) and in Courbevoie (next to Paris).

With over 32 years of existence, IOA is already rich in experience.

IOA’s development prospects are currently oriented to export, complex building structures and water treatment plants.

The original work ethic and principals of IOA can be found across IOA’s subsidiaries, whether they are located in France or overseas, which together make up the IOA Group:

  • IOA Polynesia in 1999;
  • B.I.I. (The Reunion Island) in 2000;
  • IOA Construction (near Lyon - South-East France) in 2004;
  • IPSO (Paris) in 2004;
  • S.I.S. (Aix-en-Provence) in 2005;
  • A.I.I. (West Indies) in 2006.
  • C.I.I. (New-Caledonia) in 2009.

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Slide show legends captions:

  • Layout of the double dual carriageway French National Road RN 19 - By-pass in Lure (East France)
  • Boulogne - New bridge over the Seine River - The Ile Seguin Bridge (near Paris)
  • The East-West junction - Bridge over the Durance River (South France)
  • St Microtechnics - Crolles II (South-East France, near Grenoble)
  • Modernization of the water treatment plant in Pierre-Benite (South-East France, near Lyon)
  • La Ciotat - Maintenance platform for repairs and overhaul of pleasure boats (South France, near Marseille)
  • French motorway A104 - Footbridge in Villepinte (near Paris)
  • Vertical lift bridge at Germinies (North France, near Lille)