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 Design and Build competitive tendering

The IOA Group competitively tenders for “Design and Build” Main Consulting Engineer contracts to build structures or city projects. The IOA Group can be part of a group of firms with different skills, such as architecture and/or urban landscape or civil engineering works.

The French Public Market Code allows selective competitive tendering. Once the jury has narrowed their selection from the various tenders, the Project Owner then nominates the successful company or group of companies.


  • Draft studies, preliminary design studies and project studies.
  • Tender documents.
  • Detailed designs (Anglo-Saxon method) or validation of the detailed designs.
  • Client assistance to draw up work contracts.
  • Responsibility for the organization of the work and the building operations.
  • Client Assistance in the handing over of the final works.


  • Additional services:
  • Preliminary studies.
  • Appraisals and diagnosis.
  • External Control.

Areas of work:

  • Engineering structures (bridges over roads and railways, footbridges, movable bridges, marine or inland waterway structures, retaining walls, tunnels, protection against avalanches and rock falls…).
  • Hydraulic structures (water treatment plants, pumping stations, water storage tanks…).
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Public buildings (railway stations, entertainment halls, sport stadiums, swimming pool complexes...)
  • Harbor structures and equipment.
  • Mountain facilities and equipment.
  • Metal structures (signal equipment, pylons…).

Project profiles :

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Slide show legend captions :

  • The French « East European » high speed railway - Crossing of the Jaulny Gap - Design and Build competitive tendering
  • Poland - Wola Park shopping center - Auchan building - Design and Build competitive tendering.
  • Thaïland - urban bridge with a composite structure on steel support - Design competitive tendering
  • England - Poole Harbour crossing - Design competitive tendering.
  • Martinique Island - Lamentin - Competitive tendering for the overall project management for the design of the Calebassier Bridge.